About Us

Our School Vision

Engaging Students Today, Developing Leaders for Tomorrow

We believe it is our imperative to create a caring, competent, quality student centered learning environment for every learner, every day.  We commit to critically evaluate the results of our work through Equity, Commitment, and Focus, in order to build our capacity to grow globally competitive students and future leaders.


To realize this vision WE will:

  • Focus on student learning as the centerpiece of the school that envelopes the expertise of parents, teachers, community leaders, and students.
  • Commit to and consistently maintain focus to action that improves the quality of our craft.
  • Persist in the pursuit of student learning and instructional excellence by critically evaluating the results of our work.
  • Respect and nurture the collective and individual capacity for continuous growth and leadership.
  • Challenge our actions against the measure of student achievement.

We pledge to provide our students and their families:

  • A safe and orderly school environment where all are treated with respect
  • An environment that provides ongoing communication
  • A shared responsibility for students’ success by the entire Bear Creek faculty, staff and PTA
  • A high quality instructional program that addresses students’ strengths and needs
  • The resources that each child needs to achieve academic success and develop personal growth.

Bear Creek School Progress Plan 2020-2021